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Remote Power/Independent Home Power Systems

For remote areas where electricity is not available or is simply too expensive to connect a remote solar system is the answer. Combining solar panels, batteries and a back up generator, all the power needs of your home are taken care of.

Solar Hydronic Heating

With a Solar Hydronic Heating system, cool water is cycled back through solar collectors on your roof to be reheated, thereby reducing the amount of heat loss in the system, and saving you money. Click Here To Learn More About Solar Hydronic Heating

Grid Connect Solar Power

Solar Technology has come a long way. Solar Grid Connect is a system where power is generated by solar panels and is supplemented by mains power when necessary.

Clean Power
Easily expanded
Reduce power bills and add value to your home
Generate your own power

Why Use Phazer For Your Next Solar Install?

Inverter- 10 Year Warranty
Solar Panels – highest energy efficient panels on the market worldwide
Solar Panels – 25 year warranty
B.C.S.E. accredited installers
Locally owned company, employing local residents
Quality tradesman-ship with back up service
Qualified electrical contractors
No hidden additional costs on installation

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